REA Design Studio
Elegant, effective design

Who we are – REA Design Studio combines 20+ years of technical know-how with a finely-honed artistic sensibility to create dynamic, compelling designs tailored to your situation.

How we work – Nothing is created in a vacuum. We spend a lot of time up front getting to know you: your company, your product, your industry, your vision, where you are now and how you will grow.

We take the extra steps to understand your product in depth. If we don’t understand something, or something doesn’t make sense to us, we can’t create an effective design. So we ask a lot of questions before we start, and as we work.

Of course, the process is collaborative and iterative so we expect that you’ll ask questions and push back on our ideas and designs. In the end, the design is for you and we want you to be thoroughly satisfied. We are always available to answer questions, meet changed expectations, deal with the unexpected, or just take another look at something.

What we do – We specialize in graphic design for user interfaces, but we basically do it all.

What you get – A dynamic, flexible design that is perfectly suited to you.

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